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The Vaultoro Advantages

Professional Vault

The gold is stored in a high security vaulting facility operated by ProAurum Switzerland, the largest precious metals dealer in Europe.

100% Allocated gold

Real 99.9% pure gold bars directly come from the smelting companies are secured under your name, as your property, held off Vaultoro's balance sheet.

Transparency redefined

With our Glass Books Protocol we are the most transparent gold exchange in the industry.
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Just like a standard bank account, statements are issued each month for your offline records or tax purposes.

Best Price

On Vaultoro you can trade directly with other members and without a middleman. You set the price and save expensive brokerage costs.


Your gold holdings are audited by one of the largest auditing firms in the world. The vault is always above 100% reserve.

100% Insured

Every gram of gold in the vaulting facility is professionaly insured against physical loss for full replacement value.

Instant Settlement

Vaultoro is the fastest way to buy and sell physical allocated gold and spend it anywhere Bitcoin is accepted.

Buying and selling gold bullion around the clock: 24 hours, 365 days open


down to 0.2% trading fee

Tiny fees


storage fee per month

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Real physical gold

Physical delivery

Withdraw and take physical posession of your bullion or sell for Bitcoin instantly. Find out more


Very strong property rights in Switzerland make it one of the safest countries in the world to store property value.

Live public audit

Anyone can always audit the precious metal holdings on the public audit page

Minimum of 0.001 Gram

Trading gold at almost any volume

"Gold is a great way to preserve wealth but it is hard to move around. [...] bitcoin fits the bill."

- James G. Rickards - economist, author and investment banker



Our cold storage is based on multisignature wallets which are placed around the world, so our user's funds are always safe.


Your account and your data are encrypted. All communication with and within the data center is also 100% secured by encryption protocols.


Vaultoro has many security features to protect your funds. For example, withdrawal addresses are locked by two-factor or password authentication.

Vaultoro was chosen as finalist out of 980 fin-tech startups.
Vaultoro is part of Techstars Berlin 2017 Accelerator